SOSstat VPAQ - Features


With a its dynamic GUI SOSstat VPAQ ® simplifies the implementation of the validation protocol. The design of the software allows to follow step by step the method roadmap. The elements of the GUI are resizable to better fit to all hardware environments.Numerous graphs provide efficient analysis and interpretation of results.


  • Calibration and calculation of the response function (9 models available)
  • Validation according to the accuracy profile method (or total error method)
  • Prevalidation of analytical methods by the total error method
  • Ability to handle asymmetrical matrix of experiment
  • Setting and saving analysis
  • Copy and paste data to/from spreadsheets
  • Resizable GUI according to screen resolution
  • High quality graphics, dynamically updated
  • Export graphics as : eps, emf, png, pdf, svg
  • Export a report in PDF format, with optional integration of definition and validation data. PDF report can be password protected to secure data
  • Write custom report in VPAQ and print or export to a word processor

SOSstat VPAQ - Results

Test results are fully documented for ease of interpretation.

Results of analyzes

  • Model of the response function (9 models can be fitted)
  • Calculation of the correction to be applied to the measures
  • Quantification of matrix effect
  • Bias, relative bias, recovery
  • Repeatability, Intermediate Precision, Relative Standard Deviation
  • Accuracy, Error Total
  • Tolerance interval on the total error
  • Quantification limits of the method
  • Calculation of performance indices to select the best response function
  • Calculation of quantification limits
  • Calculation of performance indices to select the best response function


All graphics can be changed dynamically (zooming, scrolling) for ease of interpretation and analysis. In addition, it can be saved in image or vector formats in a quality suited to scientific publications.

  • Response function of the calibration
  • Linearity of calibration
  • Absolute accuracy and relative accuracy
  • Profile of total error
  • Risk profile
  • Accuracy profile
  • Linearity of measurement

Data Integrity

VPAQ implements security mechanisms to ensure data integrity.

  • A log file records user access to the different files
  • Files are signed to detect any attempt to falsify data
  • Data files can be encrypted with password protection