Introduction to VPAQ

SOSstat VPAQ ® is a software for Validation of Analytical Quantitative Procedures.

In the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing, analytical methods are used to check the quality of products. The validation of these procedures in line with the commitment to quality and regulatory requirements allows manufacturers to ensure the quality of their products.

As of today, many methods have been proposed, mainly based on statistical criteria are often complex, expensive and difficult to interpret. SOSstat VPAQ ® implements a validation technique given by the SFSTP and NF V 03-110. This analytical method, based on the calculation of the total error has the particularity of being both simple to interpret, accurate and relevant. This validation protocol showed through numerous applications, its “universal” character. In addition, it has the advantage to meet the requirements of ICH and proposes metrological definitions in agreement with ISO 5725.

The accuracy profile is applicable to both internal validation in laboratory tests and the interpretation of data collected in the context of inter-laboratory study according to ISO 5725-2 guidelines. The proposed approach should allow internal validation methods in the following areas:

  • non-standard methods
  • methods developed by the laboratory
  • standard methods used outside their intended scope
  • modifications of standard methods
  • and as an alternative method compared to a reference method

SOSstat VPAQ ® is available for Windows ® platforms 32 and 64 bit and soon other OS.