SOSstat Features


In this page you will find a list of the main features of SOSstat

What’s new in SOSstat 3


SOSstat2 users won’t be disoriented by the GUI of version 3 since they will find the usual cutting with the area of ​​data, the area of results, as well as projects in the reporting areas.

Note, however, important new features :

  • SOSstat3 can open multiple data grids at the same time
  • Data grids are similar to spreadsheets with mouse selection and cells formatting
  • The number of rows and columns is not limited (however, depends on the available memory on the computer)
  • A new feature called “report” appeared. It is a streamlined word processor integrated SOSstat, which allows the user to build a custom report throughout analyzes .
  • The result area is being also transformed since it is possible to display multiple graphs that are resizable and repositionable
  • Graphics can be operated in vector formats are the advantage is to provide scientific quality prints. It also have the advantage of being modified with a vector drawing software (Powerpoint, LibreOffice-Draw, Inkscape, Visio …)
  • The assistants of analysis are more comprehensive

SOSstat - Statistics


SOSstat 3 ® contains a large number of statistical procedures for testing and exploratory statistics.

Descriptive statistics

  • Histogram
  • Boxplot
  • Correlation matrix
  • Population parameters
  • Statistical summary function
  • Density estimation
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Normality tests

  • Kolmogorov test
  • Anderson Darling test
  • Shapiro-Wilk test
  • Probability plot
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  • Simple regression with different models:
    • Linear with variable transformation
    • Quadratic
    • Confidence interval and prediction interval
  • Multiple regression
    • Calculation of residuals, Studentized and standardized residuals
    • Cook’s distances and leverage calculation
    • Standardization of predictors for analyzing designs experiments
    • Prediction wizard

Parametric tests

  • All the tests that follow can be selected using a wizard that directs the user to the test most suited to his problem.
  • Compare the average or the variance to a theoretical value
  • Comparison of two samples: Student test, Welch test, Fisher test, average test for paired samples
  • Comparison of n samples : Bartlett’s test, analysis of variance (ANOVA)
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Nonparametric Tests

  • Centering two samples: Wilcoxon Mann Whitney Test
  • Centering test for two paired samples: Sign test
  • Dispersion test for two samples: Ansari-Bradley test
  • Centering test for n samples : Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • Dispersion test for n samples : Levene test
  • Comparison of two distributions : Kolmogorov 2 samples test
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Proportion tests

  • Comparison of proportion to a theoretical value (exact and asymptotic test)
  • Comparison of a frequency to a theoretical value (Poisson distribution)
  • Comparison of two proportions (Fisher’s exact test), and asymptotic test (Normal distribution)
  • Comparison of frequencies (Poisson distribution)
  • Comparison of n proportions

Equivalence tests


These tests are used for bio-equivalence

Detecting outliers

  • Grubbs test - outlier detection in one sample
  • Cochran test - outlier detection in several samples

Statistical intervals

  • Tolerance interval
  • Prediction interval of a mean
  • Prediction interval of individual values

SOSstat3 - Quality


SOSstat3 provides a toolbox to improve product quality and control processes.

Statistical process control SPC

  • Control charts for measurements (Xbar/R, Xbar/S, Moving Average, Individual Values​​, Small batch) with logbook
  • EWMA Control chart
  • Control charts for attributes: p, np, c and u
  • Measurement sampling plan (S method)
  • Process capability ans performance study (AFNOR, QS9000, 6 Sigma)
  • Capability study for non-normal process: normal folded distribtion , position errors distribution, log-normal, stratified populations
  • Inertial capability study
  • Assessment of capabilities for a range of characteritics
  • Wizard for calculating limites of control charts for measurement
  • Wizard for calculating sample sizes
  • Plot operating characteristic curves of an average control chart
  • Wizard for calculation of capability threshold
  • Validation of tools and machines
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  • Modeling laws failure distribution with Weibull or exponential distribution
  • Management truncated, censored and suspended trials
  • Success test to validate a reliability level


  • Measurement capability analysis (Charbonneau, GRR method X-bar /R and R)
  • Measurement capability study with Crossed ANOVA et nested ANOVA
  • Type 1 Measurement capability (Cg - Cgk)
  • Tests of bias and linearity for measurement systems
  • Attributive capability studies : probabilistic method, signal method or analytical method
  • Linearity study of measurement

Designs of experiment (DOE)

Design of experiments and analysis of results

  • Orthogonal designs : Full factorial design, fractional factorial design
  • Surface Design : Centered Composite, Box Behnken
  • Plackett and Burman designs
  • D-optimal design

Quality Assistants

  • Design and Evaluation of Sampling Plans for Attributes and Measures
  • Design of sampling plans with Limiting Quality
  • Calculation of control charts limits
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of average control charts
  • Calculating the optimal sample size for a control chart
  • Calculation of the Z indicator of the 6-Sigma projects
  • Calculation of capacity thresholds for risk control
  • Bidirectional relationship between capability indicators and non-conforming rates
  • Design of a reliability run test

Standard Used : AIAG MSA, AIAG SPC, ISO 11462-1, NFX06031-1:4, NFX06034, ISO_2021247, ISO 21747, ISO_7870, ISOTR22514-4, ISOTR7871

SOSstat 3 - Graphics


SOSstat ® Offers a wide range of graphical representations :

  • Boxplot
  • Histogram
  • Run chart
  • Synthesis (or summary) graphs - Pareto, Bar Graph on sample parameters
  • 2D graphs - Time Series - Scatter (linear scale / log scale)
  • 3D Graphs - Scatter, Contours, Surface
  • Graphs for contingency tables - Radar Graphs

SOSstat 3 - Various Operations



  • Import text files, CSV
  • Import excel files
  • Import data from a database - SQL Queries
  • Instrument Connectivity USB port or RS232 port, Automation of analysis
  • Record data in XML format, to ensure data survivability
  • Encrypted file protection for email exchanges

Filtering / Sorting

  • Filtering data according to a criterion
  • Retrieving Data from the grids