SOSstat Features


In this page you will find a list of the main features of SOSstat

What’s new in SOSstat 3


SOSstat2 users won’t be disoriented by the GUI of version 3 since they will find the usual cutting with the area of ​​data, the area of results, as well as projects in the reporting areas.

Note, however, important new features :

  • SOSstat3 can open multiple data grids at the same time
  • Data grids are similar to spreadsheets with mouse selection and cells formatting
  • The number of rows and columns is not limited (however, depends on the available memory on the computer)
  • A new feature called “report” appeared. It is a streamlined word processor integrated SOSstat, which allows the user to build a custom report throughout analyzes .
  • The result area is being also transformed since it is possible to display multiple graphs that are resizable and repositionable
  • Graphics can be exported in vector formats, the advantage of which is to provide scientific quality prints. They also have the advantage of being able to be modified with vector drawing software (Powerpoint, LibreOffice-Draw, Inkscape, Visio …)
  • The assistants of analysis are more comprehensive

SOSstat - Statistics


SOSstat 3 ® contains a large number of statistical procedures for testing and exploratory statistics.

Descriptive statistics

  • Histogram
  • Boxplot
  • Correlation matrix
  • Population parameters
  • Statistical summary function
  • Density estimation
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Normality tests

  • Kolmogorov test
  • Anderson Darling test
  • Shapiro-Wilk test
  • Probability plot
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  • Simple regression with different models:
    • Linear with variable transformation
    • Quadratic
    • Confidence interval and prediction interval
  • Multiple regression
    • Calculation of residuals, Studentized and standardized residuals
    • Cook’s distances and leverage calculation
    • Standardization of predictors for analyzing designs experiments
    • Prediction wizard
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Parametric tests

  • All the tests that follow can be selected using a wizard that directs the user to the test most suited to his problem.
  • Compare the average or the variance to a theoretical value
  • Comparison of two samples: Student test, Welch test, Fisher test, average test for paired samples
  • Comparison of n samples : Bartlett’s test, analysis of variance (ANOVA)
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Nonparametric Tests

  • Centering two samples: Wilcoxon Mann Whitney Test
  • Centering test for two paired samples: Sign test
  • Dispersion test for two samples: Ansari-Bradley test
  • Centering test for n samples : Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • Dispersion test for n samples : Levene test
  • Comparison of two distributions : Kolmogorov 2 samples test
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Proportion tests

  • Comparison of proportion to a theoretical value (exact and asymptotic test)
  • Comparison of a frequency to a theoretical value (Poisson distribution)
  • Comparison of two proportions (Fisher’s exact test), and asymptotic test (Normal distribution)
  • Comparison of frequencies (Poisson distribution)
  • Comparison of n proportions

Equivalence tests


These tests are used for bio-equivalence

Detecting outliers

  • Grubbs test - outlier detection in one sample
  • Cochran test - outlier detection in several samples

Statistical intervals

  • Tolerance interval
  • Prediction interval of a mean
  • Prediction interval of individual values

SOSstat3 - Quality


SOSstat3 provides a toolbox to improve product quality and control processes.

Statistical process control SPC

  • Control charts for measurements (Xbar/R, Xbar/S, Moving Average, Individual Values​​, Small batch) with logbook
  • EWMA Control chart
  • Control charts for attributes: p, np, c and u
  • Measurement sampling plan (S method)
  • Process capability ans performance study (AFNOR, QS9000, 6 Sigma)
  • Capability study for non-normal process: normal folded distribtion , position errors distribution, log-normal, stratified populations
  • Inertial capability study
  • Assessment of capabilities for a range of characteritics
  • Wizard for calculating limites of control charts for measurement
  • Wizard for calculating sample sizes
  • Plot operating characteristic curves of an average control chart
  • Wizard for calculation of capability threshold
  • Validation of tools and machines
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  • Modeling laws failure distribution with Weibull or exponential distribution
  • Management truncated, censored and suspended trials
  • Success test to validate a reliability level


  • Measurement capability analysis (Charbonneau, GRR method X-bar /R and R)
  • Measurement capability study with Crossed ANOVA et nested ANOVA
  • Type 1 Measurement capability (Cg - Cgk)
  • Tests of bias and linearity for measurement systems
  • Attributive capability studies : probabilistic method, signal method or analytical method
  • Linearity study of measurement

Designs of experiment (DOE)

Design of experiments and analysis of results

  • Orthogonal designs : Full factorial design, fractional factorial design
  • Surface Design : Centered Composite, Box Behnken
  • Plackett and Burman designs
  • D-optimal design

Quality Assistants

  • Design and Evaluation of Sampling Plans for Attributes and Measures
  • Design of sampling plans with Limiting Quality
  • Calculation of control charts limits
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of average control charts
  • Calculating the optimal sample size for a control chart
  • Calculation of the Z indicator of the 6-Sigma projects
  • Calculation of capacity thresholds for risk control
  • Bidirectional relationship between capability indicators and non-conforming rates
  • Design of a reliability run test

Standard Used : AIAG MSA, AIAG SPC, ISO 11462-1, NFX06031-1:4, NFX06034, ISO_2021247, ISO 21747, ISO_7870, ISOTR22514-4, ISOTR7871

SOSstat 3 - Graphics


SOSstat ® Offers a wide range of graphical representations :

  • Boxplot
  • Histogram
  • Run chart
  • Synthesis (or summary) graphs - Pareto, Bar Graph on sample parameters
  • 2D graphs - Time Series - Scatter (linear scale / log scale)
  • 3D Graphs - Scatter, Contours, Surface
  • Graphs for contingency tables - Radar Graphs

SOSstat 3 - Various Operations



  • Import text files, CSV
  • Import excel files
  • Import data from a database - SQL Queries
  • Instrument Connectivity USB port or RS232 port, Automation of analysis
  • Record data in XML format, to ensure data survivability
  • Encrypted file protection for email exchanges

Filtering / Sorting

  • Filtering data according to a criterion
  • Retrieving Data from the grids