All news of SOSstat

[11/18] - VPAQ 1.6

VPAQ is now available in version 1.6 with a 64-bit version.

[05/18] - SOSstat 3.3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of a new development branch of SOSstat 3.3. SOSstat is now available on 64-bit Windows architectures to meet changing operating systems. As a result, SOSstat 32-bit will no longer be maintained.

[11/17] - SOSstat 3.2.5

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of SOSstat. This release includes a significant number of fixes and functional enhancements. In the news we can mention the addition of many tests and a test selection assistant. This last function was particularly expected! For more details, see changelog.

[02/16] - VPAQ 1.4.5

Publication of VPAQ 1.4.5 with support for the German language. Some correction and functional improvement have been made, as in each version.

[01/17] - Information for the beginning of the year

A new year begins with many projects. SOSstat products are now marketed in several European countries and we are increasing our efforts on translation. VPAQ 1.4.4 is now translated into three languages and SOSstat is being translated into German. The website was also translated into German at the end of the year. Alongside the work of internationalization, functional developments and optimisations are continuing, as witnessed by changelogs of SOSstat and VPAQ.

[02/16] - VPAQ 1.4.2

VPAQ, our software for Validation of Quantitative Analytical Procedures, gains new calculation features. Following users requests, the modality of calculations have been relaxed, to consider experimental constraints. We remain available to define the further evolutions of the software.

[09/15] - SOSstat 3.2.0

After a studious summer SOSstat 3.2 has just been released with new tools to do more analysis. We increment the version number to 3.2 because we believe that the design of experiments module available now can treat most problems. Development work does not stop there however : we plan the development of other experimental techniques such as mixture designs and some improvements in the available tools. The main features provided by SOSstat 3.2 are:

  • The surface design that allow to build the second degree models to accurately model a system throughout the experimental range. The user can build Box-Behnken design or central composite designs according to their needs and experimental constraints.
  • The D-optimal designs can be considered as the Swiss army knife of designs of experiments. These experimental designs are constructed by an algorithm which aims at minimizing the prediction variance. This algorithmic approach allows the user to deal with problems that orthogonal designs can not solve. One can, for example, develop economic design by imposing the maximum number of experiments, even if factors have many modalities. It is also possible to mix continuous and discrete variables without difficulty. Finally, these designs of experiments offer the possibility of reducing the experimental range by defining constraints on the continuous variables.
  • The Reliability module has also experienced major changes with the addition of the confidence interval of ranks and the success test.

Numerous fixes and improvements were made to this version, they are listed in the Changelog .

Feel free to send us your requirements and remarks by email. These exchanges contribute greatly to improving SOSstat !

[04/15] - SOSstat 3.1.11

Versions 3.10 and 3.11 of SOSstat were an opportunity to do some changes and develop new components. In addition to these internal changes, we can highlight two new features:

  • A function for tools and machines validation, which validates the conformity of characteristics by controlling the customer and supplier risks. In addition, this validation checks the setting ability of the process.
  • A predictive / optimization module in design of experiments. Once the design of experiments is performed, and the coefficients of the model are computed, this module allows to predict the responses of the system in the whole experimental range.

The current developments focus on DOE modules.

[01/15] - SOSstat - 3.1.10

To start 2015 SOSstat acquires some additional features:

  • For those who work in hostile environment, it is possible to get data pointing grapĥics with the stylus of a graphical tablet.
  • SOSstat now offers automatic generation of report by selecting a list of analysis. This function allows you to automate repetitive treatments.
  • E41.36.110.R CNOMO standard for Automotive Industries (Validation of specific measurement systems) as been added to the Measurement capability package.

[08/14] - SOSstat - 3.1.9

Several edition of version 3.1.9 were published this autumn. These versions provided some additional features and fixes :doc: Changelog SOSstat 3 <sosstat3_changelog>.

[08/14] - SOSstat - 3.1.8

SOSstat is growing and diversifying with the official release of a Linux version for the university of Artois. We hope this initiative will encourage other users to work with LINUX. The publication of a Mac version is planned soon.

In addition to introducing the LINUX platform,SOSstat 3.1.8 adds new features with a new module for designs of experiments that will grow in version 3.2. For more details about the new features, you can go to Changelog SOSstat 3. As always, feel free to give us the benefit of your user experience.

To release version 3.2, we are currently working on the integration of new experimental designs.

[05/14] - New Website

As you noticed, SOSstat has developed a new website. The need to maintain the site in two languages (English and French) prompted us to change technology. The new site should be easier to maintain and will include more documentation. In addition, it is compatible with tablets and smartphones with small screens.

[03/14] - SOSstat - 3.1.5

Several updates of SOSstat succeeded since the beginning of the year. Each has brought new features and fixes. The main innovations concern the integration of a module to manage connections for RS232 serial measuring instruments and secondly the security management.

Users can now declare instruments in a database, all the communication protocols of their instruments to automatically retrieve measurements in SOSstat data grid. With simple settings, the user defines how the data should be organised.

In addition, to meet FDA requirements, including Directive 20 CFR part 11, traceability of file changes was developped in SOSstat. File encryption capabilities were included to restrict data access to authorized persons only.

[09/13] - SOSstat - 3.1.0

Publication of the versions 3.1 of SOSstat. This release introduces four new modules: multiple regression modeling reliability, measurement linearity validation, querying databases in SQL. It is also a consolidation of earlier developments with corrections and functional improvements. The graphics module is enhanced by the addition of navigation buttons in graphs. Adding regression module is a key element to integrate the design of experiments in the next release.

[09/13] - SOSstat - 3.0.4 et 3.0.5

Release of SOSstat 3.0.4 and 3.0.5. These versions include a number of improvements that will be available in version 3.1. They are especially designed for those who wish to test new things.

[09/13] - SOSstat - No more holidays, release 3.1 is almost here!

Version 3.1 SOSstat should be published at the end of September with new features and fixes. Among the new features, you will discover a regression module, linearity analysis for measurement and many other improvements. To be continued!


[08/13] - SOSstat - business news

The latest version SOSstat 3 was adopted by some leading industries : the latest

  • Messier Bugatti Dowty, a world leader in aircraft landing and braking (Safran group)
  • SOSstat in USA - Thanks to translation efforts to English, APTAR (USA) (Specialist of drug delivery solutions for biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical sectors) choosed SOSstat 3.
  • Lafarge Research Centre (World leader in building materials)
  • Waterman (luxury pens and fine writing)

The development of SOSstat is continuing. The release of the next version is planned for September.

[04/13] - SOSstat 3.0.3

SOSstat 3.0.3 realeased. This update contains new features and fixes that you’ll find in the changelog

[10/12] - SOSstat 3 final

The final version of SOSstat 3 is published . This release follows an intensive test campaign with users.Developments continues to include new features. Version 3.1 of SOSstat should be published in early 2013.We encourage the SOSstat 2 user to migrate to version 3, which features will gradually expand.

[09/12] - SOSstat 3 beta 2

The final SOSstat 3 is very close! The release of version 3 beta 2 has helped to make some final touches: The documentation is finalized. The software is now being tested in a few companies.

[09/12] - SOSstat 2.6.12b

Minor corrections have been made to SOSstat 2.6. Users are invited to upgrade.

[01/12] - SOSstat VPAQ 1.3

Software for Validation of Analytical Quantitative Procedures